Party On Our Mind.. 🥂

It was 8.30 pm on a Saturday night. Loud music. Disco Lights. And people are dancing like there is “No Limmits”.   They are already out of breath (read exhausted) but “DJ wale babu” is not letting them rest for a second.

Feeling lost in the “city of bars & pubs”?

Still in search of that perfect pub with a minimum burn in your pocket (approx 2k for two) ??

TheBrigade Road, BangaloreNo Limmits Lounge and Clubis the place you would be going this weekend.


Spacious smoking area, pool table, private dining area, valet parking and live sports screening and all in the same place. Their karaoke nights and Salsa evenings are something to die for. And if it is a Wednesday, then Woohoo, we ladies get a free drink there too. Cheers! \m/ Despite the crowd and an insane number of orders, the service was prompt.

Having a Picture Crisis for your Facebook and Instagram? 

You can also get candidly clicked like this:


100 Brownie Points to their Official Photographer. ^_^

Here is their website 

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Keep Grooving!

Much LOVE! ❤

Bobbi Brown – Burnt Red 💄

Hey Guys,
So finally I’m up here with my very first blog that too on a pretty much-demanding luxe lip shade range of BOBBI BROWN.

I had just laid my hands on the very popular shade of Bobbi Brown called the Burnt Red from Nykaa ( during their sale on ‘Bobbi Brown’s Birthday’. I am a regular buyer from Nykaa and i totally love them. 

I got the package delivered within 2 business days with a discounted price of 200 bucks and I couldn’t be less happy.

Thank You Nykaa. ❤


Let me start with the packaging. It came wrapped in a beautiful Nykaa LUXE package. The box that holds the lipstick, as well as the lipstick cover, is also very luxurious and classy as you all can see in the picture below.


Now comes the lip color itself.

Why Bobbi Brown?

Let me share an experience of one of my close colleague. 

She has got a very sensitive skin and thus cannot try on most of the other reputed lip colors. But, when she tried on Bobbi Brown it perfectly suited her skin and lips without giving her any trouble.

Therefore, I couldn’t resist myself from purchasing and giving it a try especially when Nykaa was offering such a good deal.

Burnt Red a subtle red shade with a full-coverage semi-matte finish enriched with Vitamins C & E for all-day wear purpose with a slight berry and brown undertones. Its creamy formula is long-lasting even after heavy meals. The staying power is for a good 7-8 hours. The hydrating lip color in one word is ‘Beautiful’. It can be worn on many occasions, college, shopping, day out, brunch, office etc. In short, it is an all-rounder shade suiting all skin tones. 

Burnt Red – Shade No 9

Hence, the 2300 bucks were worth the spend and no one can ever be disappointed.

Do give it a try and let me know in the comment section about your experiences…

Stay Tuned for the next post. 🙂

Much Love ❤

The Start Of a Journey.. 🌸

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for joining the novice me in a world of reputed and expert bloggers.

For centuries, the start of a new year has represented an opportunity to reflect and make plans for the future. Today, this type of planning is done in the form of New Year’s resolutions, often with disappointing results. After several consecutive years of seeing those resolutions fall through, many of us must be following new resolutions for every coming year. Even I had many in the past years which never got fulfilled. But 2018 had to be special as I am finally here as a part of the Blogger’s Community.

Hurray! 😀

As they say ‘ Where There Is A Will, There is A Way’, some resolutions do get fulfilled which you have been longing for a time now.

In the last decade, blogging has turned the publishing world on its head. A blog allows you to write and publish anything, from anywhere, and have it be immediately available to billions of people all around the world. This means that blogging is uniquely “alive”, as Andrew Sullivan points out in The Atlantic  “I, for one, am happy to embrace the chaos and vitality”.

Keep Following this space for my upcoming posts on Makeup, Fashion, Travel and Food as I believe in the phrase ‘CHIC ON THE RUN’.

Stay Tuned!

Much Love,