Sawaar Loon 💍

On this Poila Baisakh, I am proud to be a part of Sajja, a handmade boutique. Jewellery is such an easy way to add a little sparkle, creativity, and individuality to your outfit. It is something that one needs to carry but after trying out her collections I did not know when it became a part of Me. The founder of Sajja, Shreyasi, uses wood as the canvas and the skills of painting and art to create unique and experimental designs.

The parcel arrived with a very cute packaging and a warm hand-written letter.

The designs are such that it can also be styled with different attires. Usually, when you wear a necklace, you tend to reach for a pair of earrings or a bracelet that came with it so that all your jewelry items match. However, it’s a lot more fun and eye-catching to wear things that aren’t part of a set. For example, if you’re wearing a necklace with red stones in a flowery pattern, you could throw on a pair of simple gold chandelier earrings to go with it. Or you could combine a chain necklace with a geometric bracelet.

This is a technique you can try with your clothes as well, by mixing up the patterns and colors in unique ways. Just try to make sure that there is a theme as well as complementary colors running through your outfit so that the various elements don’t clash too much.

For  more such innovative and awesome collection head on to their Instagram or Facebook Page: 



More Power to Sajja and to Shreyasi.

Keep up the good work!

Much Love ❤

Let’s Get Glam💄

Whenever I am opening YouTube or any Social media site, the one thing that I am seeing nowadays are makeup related posts. There are multiple videos of different makeup tutorials and which products are the best for your particular skin tone or which makeup should be done based on the occasion or time of the day. There are a huge number of pages also sharing everybody’s day to day look or asking for suggestions about makeup or outfits.

After seeing so many posts and makeup enthusiasm all around the world, I decided to try a casual look for an evening outing keeping in mind that it should go with any outfit. Also keeping the makeup minimal since I am not a makeup person ( of course a Kajal and Lipsticks are a Yaaayyy).

Makeup and makeup companies have been around for decades, if not centuries. It is an essential item for any woman all over the world. The industry has always been top notch and continues to gain ground.

Here goes the minute details of the makeup products used 💄

Moisturised face with Bodyshop Vitamin E moisture cream.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer in the shade NC 35 and Studio Fix Powder plus foundation in the shade NC 35.

Maybelline Gigi Hadid Eyeliner

Highlighter: Nykaa Glow Getter in the shade Glitterati 02

Contour: Wet n wild Contouring Palette

Blush: Wet n wild Ombré Blush

Lipstick: Mac Meher

As they say, “Every day Is A Beauty Contest”, be Fabulous Everyway. 💫

Hope this encourages another beautiful woman ♥️

The Start Of a Journey.. 🌸

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for joining the novice me in a world of reputed and expert bloggers.

For centuries, the start of a new year has represented an opportunity to reflect and make plans for the future. Today, this type of planning is done in the form of New Year’s resolutions, often with disappointing results. After several consecutive years of seeing those resolutions fall through, many of us must be following new resolutions for every coming year. Even I had many in the past years which never got fulfilled. But 2018 had to be special as I am finally here as a part of the Blogger’s Community.

Hurray! 😀

As they say ‘ Where There Is A Will, There is A Way’, some resolutions do get fulfilled which you have been longing for a time now.

In the last decade, blogging has turned the publishing world on its head. A blog allows you to write and publish anything, from anywhere, and have it be immediately available to billions of people all around the world. This means that blogging is uniquely “alive”, as Andrew Sullivan points out in The Atlantic  “I, for one, am happy to embrace the chaos and vitality”.

Keep Following this space for my upcoming posts on Makeup, Fashion, Travel and Food as I believe in the phrase ‘CHIC ON THE RUN’.

Stay Tuned!

Much Love,