Pre and Post Rang Barse

As you guys saw in my last post it was all about Holi. The festival of colors, water balloons, thandai, water guns, vibrant and exuberant colors, is here. I am sure all of you must have planned out something unique for the colorful day.

But, did you plan- out something to save your skin from the harsh colors? If not, then don’t you worry. As I had promised I would tell you about how to take care of your skin/hair without putting your beauty in danger pre and post Holi Bash. 

  •  The very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to opt for natural colors. You may make herbal and skin-friendly colors at home by using turmeric, sandalwood, henna etc.
  • Avoid using toxic colors which contain harmful chemicals that may cause skin allergies or rashes in kids. These eco-friendly colors are easy to wash off and cause no damage to the skin. In addition, your motive of celebrating Holi in an eco-friendly way will also be accomplished.


  • Apply oil or cream all over the body before he goes out to play Holi. You may use coconut or olive oil to moisturize the skin or maybe Rub a thin layer of non- stick oil (preferably sunflower oil as it has less density) around the exposed surfaces such as the neck, face, hands, and legs at least half an hour before rushing off to play.
  • If required, you may apply sunscreen lotion too, to keep the skin moisturized and as a protection from sun rays.
  • Also, avoid clothing which absorbs water, you don’t want to be soaked for long in colors. Primarily because you want to avoid skin allergies.

  • Oil your hair thoroughly the night before Holi. Repeat this in the morning as well. Tie your hair before leaving to play. You may also tie a scarf on your head, as an extra means of protection.
  • Keeping in mind all of your fashion sense and to rock that Holi looks you can have your head covered in a bandana and pair it with a pair of shades of your choice because protecting your eyes from colors is as important as protecting your hair and skin. Remove your contact lens before you head off to playing Holi.
  • Close your eyes when someone tries to splash colors. By doing these simple things you would be able to protect your pupils from any damage

(Preferably apply a layer of oil on the head or some sticky hair gel in order to repel the color.)


  • Make it a point to wash yourselves thoroughly 
  • You can use a nail polish remover to help remove stubborn color stains.
  • Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard as our skin gets sensitized when synthetic color makes contact with it. It will only aggravate the skin condition making it worse.
  • Avoid going out in the sun for the day after the shower.
  • Also, if you’re eyes get itchy and red, or if your skin were to develop a rash, visit a doctor as early as possible. Don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.

These skin and hair care tips for Holi are to make sure that the skin and hair remain protected from the harmful effects of the chemical based colors.

Lastly, PLEASE DO NOT PUT COLOR ON THE POOR ANIMALS (even if it is an organic color).

Hope this helps and you all have a Safe and Happy Holi! ❀

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