Party On Our Mind.. 🥂

It was 8.30 pm on a Saturday night. Loud music. Disco Lights. And people are dancing like there is “No Limmits”.   They are already out of breath (read exhausted) but “DJ wale babu” is not letting them rest for a second.

Feeling lost in the “city of bars & pubs”?

Still in search of that perfect pub with a minimum burn in your pocket (approx 2k for two) ??

TheBrigade Road, BangaloreNo Limmits Lounge and Clubis the place you would be going this weekend.


Spacious smoking area, pool table, private dining area, valet parking and live sports screening and all in the same place. Their karaoke nights and Salsa evenings are something to die for. And if it is a Wednesday, then Woohoo, we ladies get a free drink there too. Cheers! \m/ Despite the crowd and an insane number of orders, the service was prompt.

Having a Picture Crisis for your Facebook and Instagram? 

You can also get candidly clicked like this:


100 Brownie Points to their Official Photographer. ^_^

Here is their website 

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Keep Grooving!

Much LOVE! ❤

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